Refund Policy

Account subscriptions and refund requirements

Estate Agent Feeds refund policy covers 3 different types of purchase which are detailed below. Please review these refund notes to determine if you are eligible for a refund for the specific purchase type that you've made.

Remote, Manual and Collect account subscriptions

Generally speaking we don't offer refunds for any length of purchased subscription after 14 days following the first or renewal payment, unless the following are true.

1: You've contacted us by email within 14 days of making payment that you wish to cancel or alter the last purchase you've made.

2: There is no evidence you've directly or by virtue of using one of our automated features, allowed continued use of the service during the 14 day period.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Importing to your account property data from a remote system using a data feed. This includes what you may consider real, test or demonstration data as we do not differentiate between what is stored within your account.
  • Manually adding any data to your account such as property information, images, attachments, video, notes or user information including admins or property managers. This includes what you may consider real, test or demonstration data as we do not differentiate between what is stored within your account.
  • Transferring, extracting or transmitted property and or user data out of Estate Agent Feeds to one or more remote website portals including your own website, app or CRM.
  • Making use of our portal branch list features to manipulate or remove listings from your remote portal account(s).
  • Making use of our automated message delivery and advertising services such as our Twitter App or website widgets.

To avoid any ambiguity, you must inform us immediately if you feel you're due a refund having not used the service.

3: If you've made a mistake and purchased the wrong length of subscription, you must notify us via email within 24 hours of the purchase date and we will provide a partial refund along with a reduction in subscription length.

Money paid will be transferred back to the original payment card. Please allow between 5-10 working days for this refund to show up on your card statement.

For all refund enquires or to cancel your account please send an email to

Account and service setup fees

In some cases and with certain types of account, we charge a one-off setup fee which might involve integrating your incoming feed, setting up our import mechanism to extract data from your website, creating user accounts, liaising with portals and generating your subscription. These fees are non refundable if we've completed the related task regardless of if you go ahead and use the service or not.

Bulk feed services

Our bulk feed services are those which include additional feeds that you can purchase individually in order to upload your property data to specific sites such as Gumtree or Facebook which do not support our main real-time upload system.

Purchases are made on the basis that your bulk feed will be generated and accessible on a URL or in some cases generated and automatically uploaded to the destination portal for a fixed duration (usually 30 days).

Note: The last date your feed was exported can be viewed by visiting Bulk Feeds > Active Feeds.

Refunds for this service can be claimed at any time as long as the generated feed has not been transferred to or updated on the related service since the last payment was made.

To cancel a Bulk Feeds, please send a request to

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